What People Are Saying..

"Just took my first yoga class at this studio. I've practiced at many studios over the course of 6 years and this is one of my favs! Great, bright, sunny and smiling faces give you a warm welcome and make you feel grateful that you are at the yoga studio . I am looking forward to taking more classes this week and meeting new teachers. Super cute place and a very convenient location!" -Ryanne

"Love coming here to calm the mind while at the same time take care of the body. The creative flow of the sequences inspires me for a long time once off the mat" -Amanda

"The first time I met Brianne at a social gathering I told her, "I hate Yoga." But through her characteristic humor, patience, and passion for yoga she lured me into the studio, and I have loved yoga (and Brianne) ever since. When you take one of her classes be prepared to laugh, feel inspired, and expand your yoga practice to every corner of your life. Brianne is like the Oprah of Yoga"

"Gawea Yoga  is AMAZING, where you feel right at home" -Franca

"As a reluctant exerciser, I have to say, I do enjoy the classes here , and the instructors are awesome"- Mary O

"I have taken class with  Brianne so far and absolutely love it. Brianne has such an energetic spirit that makes class so fun and uplifting.I have high regards and nothing but positive things to say about this studio!" -Elyse

"I was thrilled and excited to participate in the Envision Yoga, a goal setting yoga practice, led by the beautiful Brianne.  I really didn’t know what I was in store for, but it was amazing!!  I recently became certified to teach yoga and this was foremost on my list of goals.  It was recommended to focus on one precise goal for this practice.  We collectively spoke about our goals and shared our thoughts about how we might achieve them.  It felt empowering to share my goals with the group that attended.  I really felt like I put myself out there and it felt just amazing.  We each wrote down a specific goal but then started a new goal statement as if the goal had already been achieved.  I have never even thought to do this before.  I felt liberated and energized by this statement!  The fear and doubt just left my body and I was just buzzing!!  And here is the kicker…  Are you ready??  I got hired that very same day to teach yoga at Gawea!!  How amazing is that??  The next week I auditioned for another job teaching yoga and I was hired there too!!  I would highly recommend this workshop if it is offered again!  Many thanks to Brianne for making my dreams come true!!" -Kristin 

"Tonight I attended my first meditation class....A Journey into the heart. It was an experience like no other. Along with the teachings and guidance of Marie I was able to look inside my heart and feel what it is that I wish for and desire & to breath in through the heart and exhale and release those wishes and intentions. Breath & movement is also used to release what we don't want in our hearts anymore. Then stillness is used to visualize the 4 chambers of the heart and what is in each one. We (I am so guilty of this) spend all of our time going and doing that we just don't STOP. From a young age we learn to STOP, DROP, & ROLL if our body is physically on fire. Well, our minds can be on fire too with so much going on in our daily life and stimulation around us. What we also need to learrn is to STOP, DROP, & MEDITATE!!" -Tina

"Just found out about this studio and I LOVE it so far! My classes have been intimate and smaller, which is so great for someone like me who just started yoga within the last year! I'm excited to keep coming here at least weekly!" -Nora B

"I am so impressed with the instructors - very gentle and caring, especially with this aging body of mine.  I really enjoy going there." -Bobbie M

"I've been meaning to write and tell you something. I told you before, I have been practicing yoga off and off for years. So many studios left me feeling unworthy because I wasn't as bendy or physically strong as some others there. There were not many adaptations or modifications offered. Not much encouragement. Was it them or me? I have been in recovery for an eating disorder for years now. Body image is tricky. Not comparing myself to others, especially physically, is life work. THIS is why I love yoga. It is about just me and my mat, (and Jesus) THIS is why I adore you and LOVE Gawea. You brought us back to our intention so many times and that night, mine was healing. I left feeling self-strong through God, and SO fulfilled. Gawea feels like home. I never feel 'less than' you or any other teacher. I feel the perfect balance of trusting myself and challenging myself. I want to say THANK YOU for that gift." - Nikki F

"At 59 years young, I took my first yoga class. I was having a lot of stress and anxiety in my life and decided yoga might be helpful. I chose Gawea for its convenience to my home and it could not have been a better fit! I had no idea what to expect; thought it would be some stretching and well, I really didn’t know what else. I was pleased to find that the class had a variety of age groups in it, so I didn’t feel out of place. When I told the instructor, Marie, that it was my first time ever with yoga, she was very encouraging and told me not to worry, there were all levels of people in the class. I’ve been taking the class now for about 8 months. Marie always listens to us and is quick to provide a modification whenever any of us need one. Not too many of us easily bend and twist! We laugh, we strive to do the poses correctly, and Marie is a great help and inspiration. I really did not realize how challenging yoga can be – in a good way! I’m getting a really good work out. Some days I feel it, and it’s a good feeling to know I worked muscles that really needed some work. I realize small changes in how I move. I feel I stand up straighter, and I can squat all the way down to the ground and get back up without grabbing someone or something to pull me up! One of the other big changes is breathing. I know, we are always breathing, but now I feel like I can take a REALLY DEEP breathe! Marie is great with giving us visualizations and this has been so beneficial. The time I spend in my yoga class is the most peaceful time in my week. All my troubles and worries melt away as I breathe and work the poses and learn new things about my body-mind connection. I do believe it carries into the rest of my week and when I feel stressed, those really deep breaths help a lot. I am grateful I found Gawea Yoga. Small changes, big changes. " -Joy

"I never had any thought or desire to do yoga before. After getting out of the army and developing some very serious medical issues it was suggested to try and help with muscle pain and tightness caused my the condition. Luckily I stumbled on to Gawea Yoga. Bre answered my questions and we started private lessons. No doubt in my mind that I found the right person. The entertainment and positivity she brings out and pure joy she has is unmatched. Just beware if you do something really well or that she didn't expect(like floating crow) , when you look at her once she catches it you'll die laughing at the shocked and excited face she'll have. Plus the super happy jump for joy hand motions to follow! Thank you for everything, when my new life and reality was going very dark you opened up a side with light." -Dan

"Did my first class at Gawea with Bri/Natana for Beginner's Yoga. I loved it. Bri was very patient and specific with the details which create a great foundation for what's to come. She spent time focusing on the importance of connecting the mind and body.I have done a few beginner classes and we jumped right into the poses and did not spend time on hand and feet placement. I used what I learned last night in another exercise/yoga class this morning and it was so helpful! I enjoyed every minute. Can't wait for the nest class. Thanks for a great class Bri! xoxo" -Shawn


"My name is Mike and on AUG 2017, I voluntarily attended a six week program for the treatment of PTSD and addiction. This came after a successful 24 year career serving in the U.S. Army including three combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Fortunately, I made it back escaping any physical harm.  However, I did come home with the unseen wounds. I was abusing my pain medication, drinking to oblivion and isolation. I thought there was no way out and suicide became obsessive thinking. I thought it was the only option to stop the vivid nightmares, hypervigilance and complete isolation. I was living in complete fear of everyone and everything. I was at my rock bottom. 

When I returned home, I started to research yoga near me. I was looking for a studio that was Veteran friendly and I found Gawea Yoga.  So, I called and that is when I made first contact with Brianne. I told her my background and she immediately showed care and compassion. I attended my first class, Brianne made me feel very welcome. Again, I was facing fear that I was not good enough to be there because of my ability or lack thereof. I looked around and I was one of two males in the class. When class started, Bree said that yoga is a personal practice and not compare ourselves to others abilities and to focus on your breathing.I can breath I said to myself. In a way it felt as though she was talking to me without singling me out. She emphasized not to over exert yourself to the point of pain. Instead, challenge yourself to minor discomfort. Then combine the breathing and discomfort to keep you in the here and now. Not what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow but focus on this very moment, and what it means to you mentally and spiritually.

 I have continued to practice yoga twice a week as Brianne as my yoga teacher since NOV 2017. Brianne is very easy going, and she has a great sense of humor. Classes usually start with light humor, which helps to relax me. She encourages us to challenge ourselves with all aspects of what I understand yoga to be, spiritual, mental and physical improvement. She accomplishes this by leading the way and sharing her knowledge and experience. I honestly look forward to attending class and always leave with a sense of accomplishment. I am amazed with her physical abilities as she has the grace, power and flexibility of a trained olympic gymnast or ballerina. In addition, and more importantly, her mental fortitude and spiritual condition make her a complete yogi. I highly recommend that anyone who has considered taking a first yoga class to take that first class with Brianne at Gawea yoga. You will not be disappointed. My confidence and overall well being  have improved dramatically since AUG 2017 and Gawea Yoga plays a vital role in my journey of recovery." - Mike

“I’ve been to a lot of studios around the suburban area but, Gawea Yoga with Brianne holds a special place in my heart! Each one of her classes I’ve attended is heartfelt and I feel so good after every class. My favorite spot to unwind” - Jenny P

“Love yoga with Brianne! Her restorative yoga classes are so relaxing” - Cyndi L