Trusting that life will always take you where you need to be, yoga teaches us to appreciate the present moment , connect more deeply with our true selves and create awareness to deepen our consciousness. In class, you will feel empowered and inspired  to connect with and express your greatest potential while healing yourself  from the inside out through breath and movement.With a heartwarming style and sense of creativity, Natalie will  inspire you to seek the teacher within, create self love, and bring positive expression into your everyday life.

As a nature enthusiast, Natalie turned to yoga to deepen her awareness of the environment as well as create a mind and body connection. In 2014, she completed her 200 hour CYT with LifePower Yoga under the direction of Brenda Temme. Natalie is always looking to be a student and completed a trauma sensitive teacher training under the direction of James Fox and a Children’s Yoga Teacher training program. She is excited to share the freedom she has found in her own personal practice with her students. Influenced by teachers, friends, traveling and Mother Nature, Natalie aims to bring an organic and balanced approach to her yoga classes.

Off the mat, Natalie is always looking for her next adventure. She holds a graduate degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability and can be found hiking and promoting environmental education to kids in the Chicago land area for her day job. On her days off she enjoys traveling, gardening and exploring new yoga classes.. "The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga." ~Yogi Bhajan


"Natalie is one of the most beautiful and genuine souls I have ever crossed path with. She brightens the room the moment she walks in, and her positive energy moves through her teaching and into the hearts of her students. Natalie has the perfect balance in making her classes fun, challenging and safe. Her love and joy for life is seen in her teaching from the moment class begins and continues all the way into Savasana. She also tries to get to know each and every one of her students on a personal level so that they feel comfortable and open in her classes and in life!" -Ashley

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