Laurial's class will be a vinyasa flow mixed with a bit of ashtanga. Laurial will guide you to focus on intention and utilizing breathe to calm the mind. Yoga is about connecting to your mind, body and spirit. 

Laurial's journey to yoga began in 2010 with a stressful corporate job. At first yoga was nothing but a physical practice-all asana based. It wasn't until she incorporated pranayama and meditation that she began to find balance in life and a connection to the universe. Clarity, gratitude, balance, happiness, and beauty began to unfold. As the connection with yoga deepened, the lessons yoga taught her began to incorporate themselves into life off my mat. It was then that she began her 200-hour certification. 



After spending years teaching gymnastics, Laurial is happy to share her love of movement in a different way, bringing her enthusiastic approach to yoga by offering a powerful vinyasa practice that encourages inner strength and loving devotion. She hopes to inspire her students to use yoga to discover and travel their own paths to fulfillment.

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