The journey within starts with the breath which allows us the space to explore the very depths of who we are.  Always looking for those moments of joie de vivre, you will discover ways to stay present in class and to appreciate all that life has to offer. Kristin's light touch assists will help you to find the surrender in your practice.

Yoga began as a physical practice for Kristin more than 20 years ago.  Kristin enjoyed the freedom of movement and the art of movement that her practice entailed.  After going through her yoga teacher training, she shifted her focus from the outside to her innermost core.  Kristin took a journey of self discovery to uncover her truest self.  This is what yoga can offer you and this is what she strives  to bring to my students.  Everything you need to be a compassionate. loving, joyful person is already right inside each and every one of us.  Off the mat, she soaks up the moments that she has with her family.  Forever a student, she loves learning new lessons on love from her darling, precious children and husband.  Kristin is passionate about health and spends a great deal of time creating healthful, flavorful meals.  Kristin  also enjoy spending time outside biking or hiking with my family at the Morton Arboretum.

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