"You cannot do Yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are asanas, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state." -Sharon Gannon


Many have said that the hardest part of yoga is getting to yoga. Once you are in the studio with your mat rolled out, the rest just flows. In Katie's class, you will move your body in a conscious and mindful way, flowing from posture to posture, linking movement with breath. With consistent practice, the postures become less of a physical exercise and more of a moving meditation. As the body stretches and strengthens, the mind becomes clearer and the thoughts dissipate. A final relaxation unites the whole practice and allows for the deepest healing to take place. And by the time you are back in seated meditation, you feel still. That is Yoga.


Katie Turrisi is a 500-Hour Certified Jivamukti teacher with over 10 years of yoga experience. Her unique classes focus on an elevated intention, moving mindfully through a series of postures linked with the breath, and releasing blockages in the body. With inspiring music playing and Katie guiding your breath and movement, you may find your asana practice becoming more of a moving meditation than a physical exercise. In addition to group yoga classes, Katie also plays harmonium and sings mantras, teaches one-on-one yoga and leads mommy & me classes. In a deep desire to share her love of yoga, she continues to pass on the teachings that have been passed on to her. 


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