Yoga teaches us how to fully be present in to savor the beauty and learn to accept challenges with equanimity and balance. Each time we show up on the mat, we declare a commitment to care for our entire being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If we practice with passion, patience and purpose- there’s a shift that occurs on and off the mat that can be life changing.

As a working mama; Gina knows the challenges, chaos and blessings everyday life can bring. Over the years she’s incorporated yoga as one of her core “healthiness habits”; along with hiking, biking and snow shoeing nature trails. “When I was doing my teacher training I wasn’t even sure I would teach. I just felt a strong desire to absorb as much as I could about yoga, to really learn philosophy, spirituality and alignment based asana. My teachers shared their tremendous understanding of yoga with me and now I feel called to pay it forward and share this secret treasure with anyone who wants it!”

Gina received her 200-RYT from Soderworld Academy of Healing Arts. Forever a student, she is dedicated to ongoing yoga and wellness education. Recognizing that each body has its own story, practicing yoga with Gina you’ll find yourself engaged in quality “me time” in a comfortable, creative and music-filled space to either begin or grow your yoga practice . 


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