Yoga is a multi-dimensional practice that has the potential to transform all aspects of your life. Your life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Let your yoga practice create the necessary building blocks for you to experience, explore, and expand into the life you dream of and deserve. Brianne encourages students in her class to find their own practice. Practicing with Brianne, you will find your body and spirit moving in new unique ways. Connect to the natural rhythm of your own breath and inspiring music. This is your body, your practice, come find your true intuition. While living in the jungles of Panama and Nicaragua, Brianne's yoga practice began to take a deeper meaning. Being in nature, she really learned what it means to have a true mind body connection. Brianne thrives in nature. While practicing with the waves of the ocean and the sounds of the jungle she is able to truly express herself. Yoga is a form of self expression and Brianne believes a solid yoga practice can lead to freedom. 

Brianne received her 500-ERYT Yoga Teacher Training Certification from the Nosara Yoga Institue in Nosara, Costa Rica. She also is certified in Paddle Board Yoga From KSF and Juna Yoga, Montreal, Canada. She also holds a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology and has been personal training since 2003.  Nature has taught her that it is better to listen to your inner self, than to try to force yourself to look like the perfect yoga statue.

Natana is the sanskrit word for Dance. Upon completing her 500 hour yoga teacher certification, it is Brianne's school's tradition to give a sanskrit name. For anyone that knows Brianne, she love's to dance! The name Natana was given to her by her dear friend Lauren (aka Rumi). 

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Brianne has taught in Chicago, Vermont, Michigan, Wisconsin, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua.

Brianne offers Yoga Retreats, Private sessions, Private Group Sessions, Yoga Parties, and Yoga Field Trips

Practice With Brianne At Home:

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Brianne Is The Owner and Creative Director Of Gawea Yoga with Brianne



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"What a great adventure and trying something new. Had a perfect day of unplugging and getting back in tune with nature Saturday. Brianne taught 6 of us new to paddle board the basics so we would feel comfortable. All of us had success and were able to let go and try some risky poses. Had a unforgettable yoga class on the boards and left feeling relaxed and accomplished. We ended the day with a super lunch overlooking the Marina and shared our thoughts and experiences of the day. Great experience and highly recommend for everyone.

If you haven’t tried yoga with Brianne you are missing out. Brianne is an incredible yoga instructor. She is a gifted leader that makes everyone in the group experience success and wanting for more. She will challenge you on your yoga journey but NEVER will you feel judged. I have been blessed to follow her for 5 years and along my journey she has guided me to trust, feel safe and tune into my inner self. I’ve traveled to many of her retreats including; 3 different states and out of the country. All have been absolutely exceptional and totally unique. 
Yoga has done so many wonderful things for me; flexibility, relieve me of having to control, learn to meditate and just be present. Yoga makes me happy and I’ve learned so many things about myself along the way."   -Lauren L

""We love, love, loved yoga paddle-boarding on the Galien River. I think the highlight of the experience was the way we started out on our journey down the river and our meditative paddle back to the lookout. Both were quiet moments just taking in nature and being present. The entire instructional experience from how to maneuver the paddle board, flow on our board, playtime, etc. were carefree and fun. I would definitely recommend this trip to all yogis. Thank you for a wonderful experience!"   -Thera

"Kinda feel like a celebrity today and embracing all the wonderful things my facebook friends have said about my "yoga model" picture. I found yoga almost 6 years ago. At first I just did it to relieve pain in my neck and back. It worked! Then, as my practice deepened I found many more things about the practice of yoga that I really didn't see coming. As Brianne  says, "yoga is more than downward dog". That could not be any closer to the truth. With yoga, I have found a deep connection to myself, to God, to others, to life. I feel so at home with my practice and have noted that very few things tell you what your purpose is and yoga has helped me gain clarity of who I truly am. So if you want to gain a deeper connection with others and yourself or just to simply become more flexible (body, mind and soul) give it a try. It's never too late. I'm just sorry it took me so many years to find this joy!" 

- Joanne

"I never had any thought or desire to do yoga before. After getting out of the army and developing some very serious medical issues it was suggested to try and help with muscle pain and tightness caused my the condition. Luckily I stumbled on to Gawea Yoga. Bre answered my questions and we started private lessons. No doubt in my mind that I found the right person. The entertainment and positivity she brings out and pure joy she has is unmatched. Just beware if you do something really well or that she didn't expect(like floating crow) , when you look at her once she catches it you'll die laughing at the shocked and excited face she'll have. Plus the super happy jump for joy hand motions to follow! Thank you for everything, when my new life and reality was going very dark you opened up a side with light." -Dan

"Brianne's flight school is the best place for a young yogi bird to begin to find their own, unique wings and leave the nest (the yoga mat). In a light-hearted atmosphere, it's made apparent that there is much more to inversions than the handstand. It's really about intending on trusting yourself and being able to have fun with a challenge. From the beginning, Brianne encouraged us to "allow our breath to be the guide." Much of class was spent focusing on visualizing exactly how we are using our core body. That made "taking off" feel very controlled. Slowing down made for in-depth engagement physically, but even on an emotional level. The style of the class coached the connection with ourselves and our intentions, allowing us to explore self trust. 
Brianne shared some complex anatomic information, but In a way that helped us understand how to apply it in our core body. Flight school was the very playful way to approach an intimidating new practice. Leaving class each week had me feeling a renewed sense of confidence in trusting my independence. 
It was inspiring to hear the story of a private client of Brianne's. A skydiver was left severely injured after a parachute malfunction, but was able to jump again after just 1 year. Any thing is possible when you believe yourself is capable of persevering. I feel ready to soar further in the direction of growth. Thank you so much for the guidance! " -Katie

"I love Gawea Yoga! Studio looks great and Brianne is an amazing teacher and very accepting of all levels of practice. I started off with her beginner series but have continued and have to say that I love her flow class. I leave there feeling so energized and peaceful! I love it!"- Sarah

"Did my first class at Gawea with Bri/Natana for Beginner's Yoga. I loved it. Bri was very patient and specific with the details which create a great foundation for what's to come. She spent time focusing on the importance of connecting the mind and body.I have done a few beginner classes and we jumped right into the poses and did not spend time on hand and feet placement. I used what I learned last night in another exercise/yoga class this morning and it was so helpful! I enjoyed every minute. Can't wait for the nest class. Thanks for a great class Bri! xoxo"- Shawn


"My experience with Gawea Yoga teacher training program was so much more than that. It was a life training, without a doubt. I feel like I have walked away from the experience not only a better student and teacher, but a better person. The friendships I have made with the other students and teacher have made such a positive impact on me, and I will never forget them or this experience. Brianne is truly such a knowledgeable, selfless, and extraordinary teacher. I would not choose to ever have trained elsewhere. I am blessed to have been led on the path that led me to this training. Namaste. " -Haily, YTT Graduate

"My experience with Brianne at Gawea Yoga was everything I hoped for and more. She is a positive and kind woman who makes teaching and learning (and learning to teach!) a manageable challenge. Her training isn't easy, and she expects a lot of her students. I, however, wouldn't have it any other way. Her background in kinesiology allows her to speak knowledgeably about anatomy, and that makes me feel good about teaching others and understanding better how our bodies work and move. I highly recommend her training to anyone interested in teaching yoga." -Amanda, YTT Graduate 

"My experience learning under Brianne at Gawea Yoga was both approachable and rewarding. Her way of instruction was a clear reflection of both who she is as an individual and of how she learned to explore her yoga. Brianne's style of teaching is very open minded, laid back, and self-reflective. She offers a thorough sampling of how yoga has evolved over the years, and this makes for a fantastic stepping stone from which the student can then continue to practice and educate themselves in areas they find interesting. This is contrasted by her background in kinesiology, where she is adamant about her students being aware of positioning and the fact that no two bodies are the same. This is to prevent injury to not only future prospective students, but to her soon-to-be teachers in their own practice. She also wants her students to take the training program seriously and expects them to complete the weekly coursework and participate in discussion." -Sean, YTT Graduate