Beginners Yoga

Take a breath...

It's Ok, I  Am Here To Help You.
In magazines, TV shows, and in movies, yoga has been conveyed as "Only for the flexible" or "Only for the size zero"

This is far from the truth.

Yoga is for EVERYONE.  Yoga comes from the sanskrit (an ancient language of India) word yuj, which means to "yoke" or "join". Yoga is the marriage of the breath and body. Yoga is a way to find a mind/body connection. It combines breath, movement, and meditation (focused thought). 

At Gawea Yoga, our goal is to provide you with the best instruction and guidence in your practice. We believe in following the authentic roots of a traditional yoga practice and place a heavy emphasis on pranayama (breath work) and meditation (focused thought). 

To be able to give you that, we believe you need a solid base. This is learned in our Yoga For The Beginner Series. It creates an easy going atmosphere where every student is 100% a beginner. The series will run for 6 weeks and then have a 2 week break. You are welcome to stay in the series as long as you feel you need to get a solid understanding of what yoga really is (which is more than a physical practice).

My next Yoga For The Beginner Series:


Yoga For The Beginner

This series is great for students who are brand new to yoga. It's a chance for you to take a slower approach to yoga and really learn the proper form and technique. Break down some of the common poses in yoga and learn how to breathe and meditate. Brianne believes in giving you the tools to help build a solid foundation for your yoga journey. She created this series so every student is at the same beginner level. You have space and time for questions to help you learn the proper alignment.

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, April 30th- May 9th (4 classes)
Time: 8:15-9p
Investment: $65 cash/check PayPal/Zelle. Credit/Debit $75

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Gawea Yoga is located in the Lockport Building. Across the street from Papa Joes, next to Tall Grass. We are located on the third floor: 1000 South State Street, Lockport Unit 301

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Bring Your Friends!

Your yoga practice is a great tool that can help you to:

  • Build Confidence

  • Increase Mental Focus & Awareness

  • Boost Self-Esteem

  • Discover Personal & Physical Strength

  • Give The Mind & Body A More Flexible Approach To Life

There is no right or wrong in yoga, the only wrong is not doing what feels right
— Brianne, Owner of Gawea Yoga

Yoga For Beginner FAQs:

  • I'm not that flexible and I don't know anything about yoga

When you take your first yoga class, it is very important to pay attention and listen to how your body is moving and feeling. We are all built differently, so we will all move,think, and breath different. Yoga is non-competitive so there is no need to force yourself into a pretzel to look like the teacher or the student next to you.

Keep in is more than just the physical. There is also meditation (focused thought) and breathing that you will practice in class.

  • What should I bring to class?

A Smile

A Relaxed Energy


We provide the yoga mats and everything else to make your first yoga experience as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. Yoga is practiced barefoot so you can have a better connection to the mat and to the earth. If you feel uncomfortable barefoot, you can practice with socks. But, it is recommended to practice barefoot. We also have chairs if you feel you need extra help with your balance or getting up and down from the floor is challenging. 

  • I'm so intimidated! Everyone will know more than me!

Our Yoga For Beginners series is set up in a unique way that EVERYONE who is in the class is brand new to yoga. So EVERYONE will be learning at the same pace and will have the same questions as you. Teachers leading yoga for beginners classes always give time for question and answer. 

  • I just graduated the Yoga For Beginners Series, where do I go from here? I'm not sure Im good enough to take the other classes.

We offer our Yoga For Beginners series for 6 weeks with a 2 week break in between. That two week break is for you to explore the weekly classes. It gives you an opportunity to integrate with the Gawea Yoga community and build relationships. With different teachers, you may learn something different and then finally that down dog makes sense! It's also a chance to see if you want to continue with the weekly classes or hop into the next Yoga For Beginners series. Remember, you can stay in the Yoga For Beginner series as long as you like. Yoga is a PRACTICE and it takes time to learn and create a solid foundation. 

  • As a Yoga For Beginner Graduate, what class should I take next?

We suggest trying the slow class and the candlelight relaxation classes. After a few weeks, try out a flow class. 



"Did my first class at Gawea with Bri/Natana for Beginner's Yoga. I loved it. Bri was very patient and specific with the details which create a great foundation for what's to come. She spent time focusing on the importance of connecting the mind and body.I have done a few beginner classes and we jumped right into the poses and did not spend time on hand and feet placement. I used what I learned last night in another exercise/yoga class this morning and it was so helpful! I enjoyed every minute. Can't wait for the nest class. Thanks for a great class Bri! xoxo" -Shawn

"I love Gawea Yoga! Studio looks great and Brianne is an amazing teacher and very accepting of all levels of practice. I started off with her beginner series but have continued and have to say that I love her flow class. I leave there feeling so energized and peaceful! I love it!" -Sarah  


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